Leonce Crump: 4 Tips for Starting Gospel Conversations With Unbelievers


Leonce Crump is the founder and lead pastor of Renovation Church in Atlanta and a former professional football player. He shares some tips for sharing the gospel with unbelievers in the following video.

Begin “in their narrative”

Crump’s first line of advice is to practice what Paul did by beginning “in their narrative.” He spoke their language so to speak, and thus built a bridge back to the gospel.

Start with an understanding of their circumstance

Crump advises us to “think of how hard your life is—at different times, in different circumstances—and yet you have a living hope.” Now imagine how you would be able to handle your circumstances if you didn’t know Christ.

Every one in this world is suffering in some way

Crump reminds us that despite varying circumstances, everyone is suffering in this world. Even the wealthy, who we might assume have nothing to worry about, struggle with things like loneliness or workaholism.

Use a natural transition

Finally, Crump says, don’t introduce the gospel as a random part of the conversation. It should be brought up naturally, in its proper time.

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