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Top 50 Quotes From Global Leadership Summit 2019

Jason Dorsey

“The number one trend that shapes generations (that nobody talks about) is parenting.”

“Every single generation brings something important and every generation can lead.”

(Jason Dorsey shared a message about the generation gaps that you can read about here.)

Danielle Strickland

“Disruption is not a threat. It’s an invitation.”

“Transformational change involves getting to the deeply rooted beliefs which feed values, create actions, and lead to results.”

(You can read more about Danielle Strickland’s message on transformational change here.)

DeVon Franklin

“Difference is powerful. Your difference is your destiny.”

“In leadership, too often we are trying to steal someone else’s recipe, rather than relying on what makes our own process unique.”

Patrick Lencioni 

“My hope is that someday people won’t talk about servant leadership, because that will be the only type of leadership that exists.”

“If you’re a leader of an organization, your operating room/stage is a meeting. If your meetings are bad and you dread going to them, then you need to change your job.”

“’Rewards-centered’ leaders don’t like to (1) have the difficult conversations, (2) manage their own direct reports, (3) run great meetings, (4) do team-building, and (5) repeat themselves/over-communicate/reinforce their message.”

Chris Voss

“If the words ‘I want’ or ‘I need’ are coming out of your mouth, you’re in a negotiation.”

“Genuine curiosity is the fastest hack to avoid fear.”

(Chris shared tips on the negotiation skills you can read about here.)