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Texting in Church: It’s a Good Thing!


Usually the phrase texting in church brings up bad connotations. You picture disinterested teens, sitting in the way back of the congregation, rapidly messaging back and forth on a mobile device. Although this scenario may be all too real, there’s something about it that we, as church marketers, can’t ignore.

Over 99 percent of all text messages are opened and read within five minutes or less. That factor alone makes text communication for churches a no-brainer. Want to learn more? Let’s start out by discussing the foundational basics of church texting.

3 Pillars of Texting in Church

Your text messages should provide a high level of value for your audience.

Sure, the open rate is fantastic. That doesn’t mean you should text your congregation “just because.” Make sure your messages fall under one of these three pillars.

Although you’re not selling anything, your text messages should provide a high level of value. They should make people want to attend, serve at and grow in your church.

1. Educate

As a congregation leader, you want to encourage individual growth on all levels. Fire out daily devotions, or at the very least, weekly scripture reminders.

If you’re focusing on a certain chapter, send out messages that reference these verses, and even assign short passages of reading.

2. Inspire

Fire out words of encouragement. Inspire congregation members with weekly motivational messages, Bible verses, or positive affirmations.

3. Inform

Keep congregation members in the loop with text messages that relay important information. Keep everyone safe and in the know with one simple blast.

Ready to learn more? Let’s review four sample text message campaigns for churches.

4 Text Message Campaigns for Churches

1. Inspiring Devotionals

All creatures are created in the image of God. Be kind to one another, because each has a little of Him in us.

2. Service Cancellations

Due to the severe weather alert, all services will be canceled today, March 14. All activities for the coming week will resume as scheduled.

3. Small Group Reminders

Don’t forget! The women’s small group is meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the East Tower.

4. Event Announcements

Our annual block party is this Saturday, from 3-7 p.m.! Bring your favorite dish to pass, and come join us for fellowship and friends.