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The ULTIMATE Guide To Church Stage Lighting Systems

Best Beam Lights for Church Stage Lighting Systems

Beam lights produce a straight shaft of light, like the headlights on your car.

Beam lights are also spotlights and come in a variety of styles. Typically, the beam of a spotlight is a bit broader than that of beam light. Otherwise, they are pretty much the same.

Beam lights, like spotlights, are lamps that project a narrow, intense beam of light directly on to a place or person, especially a performer on stage. They bring attention or drama where it is needed, especially when a single performer among many needs to be showcased.

Also, like Spotlights, beam lights make a point. …literally and in context with whatever/whoever is being highlighted. They focus attention specifically where it is needed in order to make a point or single out someone/something on the stage.

Best Overall Beam Lights

With that in mind, consider the RGBW Stage Light Mini Moving Beams by MFL.

Remember, this is a 2 pack. Some things to note about it:

MFL. 10w LED Moving Head Light RGBW Stage LightMFL. 10w LED Moving Head Light RGBW Stage Light

  • Compact aerial effect with a razor-sharp beam, super-smooth LED fading with built-in Dimming curves in this mall moving Head light
  • Effect: These LED stage spotlights can build an impressive Matrix by its multiple fixtures, color changing with the included 4-pack of gels. Suits small KTV, bar, disco, weddings and family parties but not Suitable for a very big place
  • Moving Head: these DJ lights are very sensitive to voice under sound controlling. Fast and precise pan(540)/ tilt(270) movement and produces outstanding beam effects with a high quality light output
  • Control mode: Auto, DMX 512, sound Active, master/Slave, AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz (no remote control included. )
  • Quality: MFL. Manufactured, 1 year repair . Once any issue of this laser stage lighting please feel free to contact us
  • This MFL moving head light produces a compact aerial effect with a razor-sharp beam and super-smooth LED fading with built-in dimming curves in it.
  • These LED Spotlights can build an impressive matrix by its multiple fixtures, color changing with the included 4 pack of gels.
  • It suits a small KTV, and it is ok for weddings and church services not suitable for a very large space.
  • These lights are very sensitive to voice under sound controlling.
  • They provide fast and precise PAN (540) / TILT (270) movement.
  • Produces outstanding beam effects with high-quality light output.
  • Control modes are auto, DMX512, sound activated, master-slave, AC 100-240V, 50-60 HZ. There is no remote included.
  • Quality MFL manufactured, 1-year repair warranty guarantee is included.

Best Bang For The Buck Beam Light

The Sumger Professional DMX512 LED Stage Light is a sweet little beam light for the price. In general, spotlights are not expensive but this one definitely will give you the best bang for your buck!

Remember the spotlight gives definition to your presentation as it directs the thoughts of the congregation to the place where you intend them to go. It will pinpoint selective persons or objects on your church stage with fantastic accuracy. It is an excellent first choice for DMX lighting. Basic and simple to operate, it will give you the desired effect in a beam light.

Sumger Professional DMX512 LED Stage LightSumger Professional DMX512 LED Stage Light

  • Color: Red,Green,Yellow; Effect: Beam effective
  • Mode: Remote Control, AUTO, Sound Activated
  • Professional laser light:Connect the DMX controller control, control the lighting effect more fit party atmosphere
  • Using for , DJs, Bands, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Roller skating rinks, KTV, Family party, Birthday, celebration, Wedding, Festival, Mall, Store, Shop and other appointed place.ect.
  • Sumger stage laser lights are fully certified by FDA, FCC, CE and RoHS, which possess high quality and safety.
  • The colors are a red, green, yellow effect beam.
  • Beam effective modes of operation are: auto, remote control, and sound activated.
  • It is a professional laser light with DMX control.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The product does work with Chauvet Obey 70 controller.
  • It does not work with Chauvet Xpress 512 running Show Xpress software.
  • This product is well made, though simple.
  • A reviewer said it has the fastest moving heads he had ever seen.
  • It has proven to be incredibly responsive.
  • It is built sturdily.
  • They are a super value for the price point.
  • They are the best beam lights for newbies.

As with other lighting, you can start with one and see if it produces the effect that you want for your church stage lighting. Two would give more depth and color to your stage with one placed on stage right and one placed on stage left. Place a third downstage center and you have the makings of a dramatic effect accenting performers and/or objects.

Best Budget Beam Light

Since spotlights and beam lights are basically the same, I am also naming the Womdee Pinspot Light as the best budget beam light. Made by Womdee, they are quite a find! Scroll back up to refresh your memory about this sweet gem.