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Best Auto Tracking Cameras for Church

AVer TR320

TR320 auto-tracking camera by AVer is another great product that very well takes care of all your tracking hassles. Packed with the PTZ camera this product offers great resolution options along with the three intelligent auto-tracking solutions that can take care of all the different kinds of tracking needs.

The three auto tracking modes include segment tracking, wide-area tracking, and stage tracking. It also includes a panoramic view secondary camera that provides an alternate view for your space. This makes it a perfect choice when it comes to streaming webinars, lectures, or presentations. Spaces like educational institutes and governmental organizations and other spaces where you require to address a larger audience, this camera best serves you.

It is an affordable solution to incorporate in your organization, with new firmware updates it provides you with top quality video streaming. It also has a 22x optical zoom and a 12x digital zoom, along with 1080p and different frames per second configurations. This quality video streaming can be streamed through multiple output channels incorporated in the product.

The product is compatible with many online streaming software programs and comes with a 3-year warranty by AVer care.

Learn more about the AVer TR320 or buy online here.

With this product, we conclude our list of the best auto-tracking cameras. If you are looking to get an auto tracking camera, these products can be a perfect choice for you.


This article about auto tracking cameras originally appeared here, and is used by permission. You can find a review of other, non auto tracking cameras here.