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How to Overcome the Hardest Part of Hiring a Facebook Ad Consultant

How to Overcome the Hardest Part of Hiring a Facebook Ad Consultant

If you’re dying to find someone great who can take the whole Facebook ad thing off of your plate, then there’s only ONE true challenge that you need to overcome. (FYI: I COMPLETELY believe in your ability to bust through this obstacle and hire the perfect person!)

Watch this short video (or read the transcript below) to discover the biggest challenge to hiring a fantastic Facebook ad consultant, and EXACTLY what you need to do to overcome it.

(You better holler at me when you find your dream FB ad consultant!)

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Transcript: How to Overcome the Hardest Part of Hiring a Facebook Ad Consultant

Hey guys, Claire Pelletreau here, your favorite Facebook ad consultant and general marketing nerd! If you’ve been following me recently then you know I’ve been talking all about what it’s like to hire a Facebook ad consultant. How does that work? How do you know if you should hire somebody to do your ads or run them yourselves? How much will it cost and what are those different fee structures like?

Today I wanna talk about the biggest challenge of hiring a Facebook ad consultant. And it has nothing to do with where to find them because there are actually Facebook ad consultants everywhere you look online. The biggest challenge is having enough trust in that person to know that they’re going to actually get you results and not just kind of disappear, ghost on you and say, sorry, those ads just didn’t work.

This is the same challenge that everyone has whenever they’re hiring. Is this person going to be good enough and deliver for me and make it worth the money that I’m investing in them? Because I could really do all these jobs myself and that would be free. It would cost time, but at least I wouldn’t be spending money. With Facebook ads it’s even more complex because you have to pay the consultant money, you have to pay for the ads and that might not bring in any additional revenue. It might not even make your money back. So that is super scary.

The key to finding somebody worth trusting is to listen to what they say when you have a consult call or even in the beginning if you don’t talk on the phone then this should happen via email. A good Facebook ad consultant should be talking about your business’s numbers, like sales conversion rates, cost per leads, what you’ve done in the past, what your goals are. And there should be real math where they can walk you through how Facebook ads can be responsible for bringing in revenue instead of, yeah, we’re just going to build your list. We’re going to get you 50 cent subscribers and leave it at that. Even if somebody says, oh yeah, look at this great case study that I helped this brand reach a gazillion new people. Well, my whole thing is that reach doesn’t matter. What matters is how the people that you have reached with your ads end up becoming customers or clients and that’s what the Facebook ad consultant should be talking about with you, specific numbers.

Now, I don’t expect you to know those numbers off the top of your head. To understand and go into this conversation like, okay, well, here are the numbers that they should be asking me for and I’m gonna be fine. No, that’s complex stuff. It’s stuff that very few people think about, especially not the beginner or even the intermediate business owners. I’m not even always thinking about these numbers, but when it comes to Facebook ads it is all I think about. In my last launch, I was constantly calculating, okay, well, if I spend this much then that means this many leads and that means this conversion rate which means this revenue. Can I spend more or not? So, that’s the conversation that has to happen.

Tomorrow I’m coming out with a super simple mini course all about that conversation, all about being prepared to talk to a potential Facebook ad consultant so that you do not get starry-eyed with these incredible promises that people don’t deliver on. Unfortunately, it happens way too often. I hear these stories all the time. I hired somebody, they just didn’t know what they were doing and my ad results were bad.

So, don’t waste that money. Keep an eye out for that mini course tomorrow. It’s called, How to Hire a Facebook Ad Consultant and definitely check it out so that you do not waste thousands of dollars on somebody who doesn’t care about your business and just cares about their own revenue. Cool? Thank you for watching. I will see you again tomorrow.

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