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How to Choose the Best AED For Church

Dual-language Capabilities: HeartStart Configure software lets you choose your preferred language, but you can’t change your language on the fly like you can with the LIFEPAK CR2.

Recommended Accessories for Defibrillators in Churches

You should get most accessories included in a Value Pack if you buy a Value Package. It’s a smart idea to buy the accessories you need if they are missing:

A Backpack Depending on your church size, you may need to run long distances with your defibrillator. This is possible with a backpack that protects your defibrillator machine and makes it much more simple. Simply secure your device and accessories in the backpack and then race to the scene.

A Cabinet It is ideal to have an AED box in the church office or anywhere else emergency supplies are kept. Cabinets protect the device and provide a central location. Some cabinets can be integrated into the church’s central security system. Make sure to get a cabinet specific to your device’s make and model.

Signage – Signage includes wall posters, visible signs, and inspection tags. We’ll be highlighting the importance of inspection tags in the next section.

How to Keep Your Church’s AED In Good Condition

It is important to have regular inspections. The church could be sued if someone dies from a badly functioning AED. Here are some ways to ensure your defibrillator works as it should and is ready to go when needed.

  1. You must ensure that your external defibrillator performs the necessary self-checks every day, week, and month. Your screen will display icons that indicate the readiness status in most cases. A red or other warning light will be displayed if something is wrong. You should watch for any signs of trouble on your device.
  2. The expiration date on the unit pads should be replaced before it expires. In an emergency, it’s a good idea to have another set of pads.
  3. Pay attention to the expiration date of your battery. As needed, replace it with a new battery.
  4. Keep your inspection tags in a prominent place near the device. It would be best if you filled the tags with information such as serial number, manufacturer, and model.
  5. Register for Program Administration. Program management services will monitor performance, and expiration dates, provide oversight for physicians, and meet other compliance requirements.

Are AEDs legally required in churches?

In the United States, churches are not required to have external defibrillators. These life-saving devices are still important for all houses of worship. A higher likelihood of having a cardiac attack occurs if there is a larger congregation.

The church could also be sued if someone has a heart attack while they are in church. The legal defense can prove costly even if you are not found to be at fault. A defibrillation device is a way to ensure that your flock is safe while you are caring for them.


In conclusion, the best AED for the church is the Zoll AED Plus. It is easy to use and maintain and has a voice prompt feature that guides users through the process. Additionally, it is affordable and can be easily purchased online.

A congregation can have peace of mind with an automated external defibrillator. It may save a life one day.


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