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Use Threat Hunting to Go on Cyber Security Offense

Like a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer, so are the proactive measures of sufficient logging capabilities to a security threat hunting expert. The more data that is being collected and analyzed in real-time, the greater the threat hunting success.

By taking an offensive (yet watchful, proactive, undetected) approach to threat hunting, the valuable main-goal (to identify/detect/respond-to potential threats more immediately) can be accomplished within an organization.

Not unlike a hunter in season, the key to threat-hunting success involves proactive, careful, and precise planning, coupled with the incorporation of effective tactics. If you are interested in getting ‘a head of the game’, Thirtyseven4 EDR Security is on the brink of officially announcing its cyber security developments and enhanced Threat Hunting product-release. To be contacted or to receive a Quote regarding our upcoming Thirtyseven4 XDR Security protection, please email sales@thirtyseven4.com indicating interest.

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