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Does Your Church Belong on Traditional Broadcast Television?

4) Despite the polarization and growing bias, broadcast television still offers a greater sense of authority and credibility, and many viewers perceive content aired on television as more vetted and reliable. This is why we often turn to TV during a natural disaster, major emergency, or other crisis. This credibility can be particularly impactful in reaching individuals needing more support to engage with religious content through alternative channels.

5) TV is America’s last great campfire. Online, people are watching millions of different websites and social media pages. However, research indicates that on traditional broadcast or cable TV, there’s a handful of channels the majority of the audience watches. This means that incredible numbers of people are sharing the same moment, which makes it a communal viewing experience. Pastors utilizing this platform can tap into that experience, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared spiritual journey among viewers.

6) In the realm of evangelism, the visual and auditory appeal of television enhances the delivery of messages. The combination of spoken word, visuals, and music creates a multisensory experience that resonates deeply with audiences. Obviously, some churches and ministries lean too far into entertainment, but every medium has its positive aspects, and when used well, television can be powerful, engaging, and memorable for viewers.

The bottom line is that despite what you might be hearing out there, TV isn’t even close to dead. It’s still a potent tool for pastors seeking to amplify their evangelism strategy. Its remarkable reach, perceived credibility, communal nature, and multimedia capabilities make it a compelling choice in the mission to share your vision and message with a diverse and widespread audience.

My advice? Before you automatically shut the door on traditional broadcast television, either because of the financial expense or its abuse by some pastors and leaders, take a deeper dive. There are millions of people out there watching who need to hear a compelling message of hope.

So don’t walk away until you’ve seen that potential for yourself.



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