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Meet Your Church at Home with TV Apps

TV apps

Okay, so maybe you have a church app. It’s sleek. It’s easy to use. The younger generation in your community loves it. Your online and mobile giving is growing, and your app is keeping your audience in the loop about events, conferences, and sermon series better than ever.

So then what’s the big deal with having a TV app? Is there any great reason for your church to have one? The answer is a resounding yes, and that’s why we are excited to announce that Roku is joining Apple TV as yet another way for your church to engage with your community. Here’s why TV Apps are so important:

Millions of homes now use a smart TV device

Between Apple TV and Roku (the two TV apps Subsplash currently offers), there are around 60 million viewers streaming content. On Roku alone, users stream 37 million hours of content a week. If those numbers are any indication, a considerable portion of your congregation uses either Roku or Apple TV. In fact, nearly 25% of your congregation likely uses smart TV devices, and that number is only growing. They have them right in their living rooms, their media rooms, and their bedrooms.

Take your content to the big screen

If your church already offers livestreaming or uploads your weekend services to your mobile app or web app, then you’re already on top of your game. However, if your members are not on the go, streaming over your church’s smartphone app or on a computer can limit the experience for those in your community. With a TV App, your community can access your weekend content more easily and on a bigger screen, that enhances their engagement and experience.

More accessible group content

With a Roku and Apple TV app, small groups can supplement their study with the video content your church produces right in the comfort of their living rooms. Instead of using only third-party content, your church can tailor small group content to facilitate deeper study and greater engagement with current sermon topics or teaching series.

Streamlined content management

Publishing content through the Subsplash Dashboard has never been easier. With one-click publishing, you can send your content to all of your platforms (Mobile, Web and TV Apps). You can customize the display of content for each platform as you choose, and your TV apps can be customized to match your church branding. Keeping your routine simple and your options endless.

How do you get a TV app for your church?

So glad you asked! It’s actually pretty simple. If you’re a current Subsplash Client, reach out to your Client Success Manager to upgrade your account to include TV Apps.

Not a current Subsplash Client, but want to learn how to TV Apps can increase engagement within your ministry? Let’s Chat!

To learn more about how TV apps can take community engagement to the next level, check out our TV platform page, here. 

It’s time to put your content where your people are with TV Apps!

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