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5 Critical Practices for Communicating Bad-Weather Logistics

One Call Now allows senders to designate subsets of members for mass message delivery. For example, a church can cancel the Youth Ministry Retreat without sending a message to the entire membership base. It allows for easy creation and sending of targeted messages to specific groups.

  1. Streamline and Save Time

Because there’s no time to spare in an emergency, several additional features make emergency notification systems far preferable to older methods of communication. Any messaging system should offer these advanced functions to further facilitate communications:

  • Call scheduling, which lets senders pre-record and store messages to be sent at later times or dates.
  • Real-time polling, which offers leaders instant feedback from members via keypad response: this is especially useful for learning if a member needs help or assistance, or for obtaining RSVPs for an event.
  • Hot transfer: which allows calls to be automatically transferred to the administrative office at the end of this message.

These added options promise unprecedented assurance and peace of mind for faith-based communities in fulfilling their missions.

  1. Maximize Your Message

In today’s fast-paced digital world, shorter is better when it comes to conveying messages. After all, members don’t want to have to repeatedly listen to a message to be certain that they’ve absorbed every relevant piece of information. While messages should be brief and to the point, subjects should be descriptive and action-oriented — particularly when a response is requested.

Make the most of your message by delivering it in the member’s language of choice. One Call Now has a multilingual feature that offers the translation of text and email messages into more than 50 different languages, ensuring that messages are not only received but also easily understood by all congregants.


While harsh weather can put a damper on services and events, it doesn’t have to have an equally detrimental impact on your overall community engagement. Establishing a clear communication plan and sharing it with congregants is not only beneficial to your house of worship in terms of preventing misinformation, but also protects the safety and wellbeing of your greatest assets, your members.

You can start a free trial from One Call Now: see how easy it is to keep your congregants informed.