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Livestreaming: “If you aren’t everywhere, you’re nowhere.”

But overall, the devices listed above have consistently been in the Top 4 for several years, and likely will be for years to come.

With the introduction of our Amazon Fire TV Support (Beta), StreamSpot has positioned its customers with the option of availability on all four of the biggest OTT platforms.

Here’s a breakdown of the integration options available with StreamSpot:

Roku – Custom built channel by request

Fire TV – Custom built channel by request (Closed Beta)

Chromecast – Support for casting directly from the StreamSpot Player (Pro Plan or Higher required)

Apple TV (AirPlay) – Support for casting directly from the StreamSpot Player

StreamSpot broadcasts will also generally play fine on devices like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, using the built-in web browsers. (Though this is not officially supported, it has been tested and functions.)

The Benefits

While it’s no longer the only way to watch content, the television is still a popular choice for enjoying content, especially for [a] longer duration. It’s still the preferred way to watch content for millions of people, especially among older demographics.

A single viewer reported on a smartphone is almost certainly just that, a single viewer; meanwhile, a single viewer reported on a television could potentially bring [three] or [four] friends along, quadrupling your reach instantly in that house alone.

Platforms like Roku and Fire TV have their own “Channel Stores” or “App Marketplaces” where your channel will be listed publicly, this gives you more exposure, and a chance to bring in new viewers.


It doesn’t have to stop at the home either: if you stream content that would be conducive to exposure in public venues (restaurants, stores, etc.), there’s no easier way to get a business setup and showing your content. Roku Players start at around $30 USD and come with everything you need, they’re about the size of a stick of gum and hide away easily.

The Point

The way we watch television is changing. From the recent “cord-cutting”  trend to the style and format of the content itself. A byproduct of this is that it’s now easier than ever for smaller streamers to place themselves right along-side the big boys. The TV experience has evolved, from a handful of cable and satellite providers to a full-blown entertainment ecosystem. The internet has brought us from a selection hundreds of channels, to millions, the time has never been better to get on-board with the new era of television.

If you’re a StreamSpot customer and would like to take advantage of our OTT offerings, let us know by reaching out to support.

If you aren’t a StreamSpot customer, sign up for a free trial today, and let us show you how we can simplify your live streaming experience.


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