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Church Predator Abuse: We Need To Keep Kids Safe!

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There are many excellent background-screening companies around the country, but there are many who are either not in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA, the federal law intended to protect individuals from lousy background checks) or are so cavalier with their quality that they routinely misreport negative information. This is bad for job seekers, volunteers, employers, and the background screening industry. Be wary of any background check service offering you instant results, unless there is a proactive re-verification process as well.

Screening Policies

It is imperative to implement a screening policy that depends on more than just background checks to succeed in the goal of protecting your ministry, children, and volunteers/staff from the risks and allegations of abuse.

There Are Three Key Elements to a Screening Policy:




Each element helps to identify whether or not an individual has anything in his/her background that would pose any danger to children. Moreover, while no background screening is perfect, these three elements when combined will help your church and ministry demonstrate that you have used reasonable care and diligence in selecting those who serve. Also, remember that background checks are not [foolproof] and constant vigilance is imperative. All staff and volunteers should be required to review the basic principles of sound child protection and procedures and complete child safety training as well. Child safety training is all about bringing awareness to those working with the most vulnerable. This helps them understand the methods that predators use when identifying and developing relationships with their victims.

Integrated Solutions

Technology is moving faster than ever before and selecting a background check provider that can integrate with your existing ChMS software is a smart move that can save you time and money. Integrated background check solutions are designed to save time and money. When working on your church’s budget, it’s crucial to factor in every dollar including how much time it’s going to take to complete specific tasks. Let’s face it — some of us enjoy using technology, and others would rather stick to pen and paper. However, even if you love technology, when it isn’t tailored to your specific needs it makes it twice as hard to adopt in the church office. The best background check integrations are manageable at every skill level, and because the technology aligns with your church’s vision and integrates with systems you already have in place, it’s easier to focus on growth, engagement, and protecting your ministry.

The world of background checks and church risk mitigation can be overwhelming at times. Being a church leader in 2019 requires that you become focused on spending your time where it makes the most significant impact: teaching, leading, and making disciples. Selecting a background check company focused on ministry that understands the unique needs of a church will not only make this much more comfortable on you as a church leader, but it will also ensure you are protecting what matters most.

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