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Perry Noble Posts Hopeful Update on His Facebook Page

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Perry Noble has finished 30 days in a treatment facility in Arizona in an effort to “overcome my overmedication via alcohol.” He has now emerged and posted a humble yet hopeful update on his Facebook page.

According to Noble, “being in treatment was one of the most difficult things I’ve EVER experienced; however, often times our next steps in life are not easy even though they are the best things for us.” Noble was at the treatment facility from mid-July to mid-August following his removal from leadership at NewSpring Church back in July.

Although Noble hopes to return to ministry eventually, regarding his next steps, he says he is “humbly submitting” himself to his therapist, John Walker, and giving him authority to serve “as my pastor, my psychologist and my spiritual formations director this next season.” Noble says the pair will develop a plan to work on the health of his family and “over an extended period of time, a return to ministry is (sic) some sort of capacity.”

Noble listed three things he asks his followers to keep in mind while he is entering this next season.

1. To pray for him, his wife and daughter. Noble’s desire is to “fully embrace my calling as a husband and a father,” and to “gain a greater understanding of how I can serve my family in a greater capacity.”

2. Pray for Walker. “So he can point me in the right direction,” Noble says.

3. Understand Noble’s need to “go dark” on social media. Noble explains Walker’s first instruction has been to take a fast from social media. This entails not posting or responding to comments for the sake of better connecting with his family and to commit to the process of therapy Noble is going through. As he explains, “This is my first step in submitting to [Walker’s] authority and please pray I will stick to it.”

Noble sounds hopeful, yet his tone is one of humility in his post. He says, “The one thing I keep hearing from Him over and over again is that He is not finished with me.”

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