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Pete Wilson Announces New Job Less Than a Month After Resigning From Cross Point Church

Pete Wilson

Pete Wilson, the former pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, has announced his decision to take a position of leadership with the A Group, a marketing and technology agency that serves churches and non-profit organizations. Wilson’s announcement comes less than a month after he announced his resignation from the megachurch he founded with his wife, Brandi, and led for more than 14 years.

“The decision may have seemed quick to some, but I can attest to the fact that it was not. For some time now I’ve felt this general feeling that I was leading out of season, that God was releasing me from my call at Cross Point and that it was time for something different,” Wilson says in a press release on the A Group’s website. Wilson says he also spent time “in rest and silence, even taking several weeks off to pray and wrestle with what was next,” before making his decision to join the A Group. In a post published on his personal blog, Wilson goes into greater detail about what he means when he says he was “leading out of season” at Cross Point.

Wilson will fill the position of president, coming alongside Diana Marsh, the A Group’s current executive vice president. CEO and founder of the company, Maurilio Amorim, views Wilson as a friend and is excited to have him on his team. “I have known Pete for a long time and know his heart for ministry, as well as the deep knowledge and wisdom he has acquired during his time leading large, growing organizations,” says Amorim.

Amorim cites Wilson’s ability to grow a church in “an increasingly secular world”—which is an endeavor a lot of his clients ask for help doing—as a valuable asset for the company. “Pete has navigated that world with incredible wisdom and success, creating a growing, thriving church that reaches across generations. He has invaluable experience and encouragement to offer other leaders who are facing those same challenges,” Amorim explains.

Wilson is eager to use the principles he learned from leading Cross Point in his new position with the A Group. Wilson made waves last month when he announced his decision to resign from Cross Point, citing burnout and being “broken” as main factors for needing to leave. However, with the A Group, Wilson explains, “This opportunity allows me to find the personal rest and balance I need, while also continuing to serve God and the local church with my gifts and passions.”

“There was a part of me that thought I’d be at Cross Point forever, but God had different plans, and I’m fully embracing those. When you place your life in God’s hands, it’s amazing how often what feels like an ending is actually a beginning. I’m crazy excited about the future,” Wilson says.

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