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Pastor Saeed Abedini Endorses Donald Trump for President

Saeed Abedini

Pastor Saeed Abedini is exercising his right as a U.S. citizen to vote for our next president, and he’s making it clear: His choice is Donald Trump.

Abedini was detained in Iran in July 2012 for organizing home churches and spent nearly four years in an Iranian prison due to his faith. After years of intercession and prayer on the part of his wife, Naghmeh (now separated), and believers all over the world, Abedini was released in January 2016.
Why Trump? Abedini stated that he believes Donald Trump’s ideas are “more Biblical than the other candidates.”

Calling Trump a modern-day King Cyrus, Abedini wrote in a Facebook post that he believed Trump was anointed by God. Abedini went on to celebrated Trump’s views on Isreal, in contrast to Hillary’s “lip service,” and said we shouldn’t judge Trump on his past mistakes because to do so would be “not looking at life the way God does.”

Abedini also said that while he was imprisoned, Trump gave his family a gift of $10,000, while Hillary gave nothing and never reached out to him or his family. In a Facebook post, Abedini wrote, “As a woman who says she stands for women’s rights when she was foreign minister, she never contacted my mom, wife, sister or my daughter. She never did anything to help when I was in prison as an American pastor who was detained in Iran as a hostage.”

Abedini’s Trump endorsement falls in line with evangelical leaders like James Dobson, Robert Jeffress, and Eric Metaxas. However, there are still numerous ministry leaders who oppose Donald Trump, citing his lewd behavior, scandalous history with women, and lack of character to lead our nation.

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