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Churches in Iraq Ring Their Bells for the First Time After Being Freed From ISIS’s Grasp

ISIS Iraq Church

Combined forces in Iraq are currently trying to take back the city of Mosul from the terrorist group ISIS.

In their march to overtake the last major ISIS stronghold in the country, the combined forces of the Iraqi National Army, Kurdish forces and the U.S. military have been able to take back churches in the surrounding areas of Mosul.

The following videos record the sound of church bells ringing out in Bartila, Iraq, for the first time since the town was overrun by ISIS.

Although the fight to regain Mosul is far from over, the sound of church bells is a welcome sign in this area of Iraq.

Soldiers are tweeting images (like the one above) of newly freed people and places. The Iraqi National Army is also doing its best to keep the public informed of their progress. The following videos are a result of their efforts.

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