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What’s More Popular Than Jesus? Memes

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According to Google Trends, a tool that gives statistics on how often people search for particular words, the search term “memes” has overtaken “Jesus” in popularity as of roughly August 21, 2016.

A Twitter user who goes by @kuwaddo discovered the growing popularity of memes compared to Jesus and posted the following graph (taken from Google Trends) to his Twitter account.

@kuwaddo’s post made such an impression that several big news sites like Fortune and Mirror posted stories about the phenomenon. This is not the first time memes have been more popular, according to Google Trends, however, this is the first time they have been steadily and increasingly more popular. In years previous, their popularity would pique and then go back down, but this time it looks like they are going to be up for a while. That is until Christmas and Easter, when Jesus’ numbers usually spike.

While a Google Trends graph shouldn’t cause us soul-searching alarm, it does point to the bigger picture of the state of our culture. A rising number of non-religious “nones” have taken ranks among our populace, and even our Internet search results are affirming these statistics.

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