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Billy Graham’s Granddaughter Emphatically Endorses Trump

Cissie Graham Lynch, the granddaughter of Billy Graham and daughter of Franklin Graham, has announced in a blog post last month and then yesterday on Fox News that she is “unapologetically voting for Trump” in the upcoming election.

For Lynch, this issue comes down to the Supreme Court, religious freedom and abortion. Lynch said she was appalled by how Hillary Clinton talked about abortion in the third debate saying, “We are on a national stage, just talking about it and that it’s OK and defending it. To me, it was so vulgar.”

Lynch said the defense of abortion is the equivalent of a bus she saw in Northern Iraq, filled with the bodies of unborn and young children. The children in the bus had been buried alive under Saddam Hussein’s regime, and Lynch said she sees “no difference [between that and] what we are doing here in the United States.”

When asked about the video of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women Lynch said she has accepted his apology and that it’s not about “what he has said or [Clinton] has done.” For Lynch the primary issue is the appointing of Supreme Court judges.

Lynch made it clear she is not speaking on behalf of her grandfather or dad. Franklin Graham has said he will not publicly endorse a candidate this election, while Lynch’s aunt and author Anne Graham Lotz has come out in support of Trump.


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