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Tim Tebow: Looking for Love in Earnest in Light of His Father’s Diagnosis

Tim Tebow

Once again Tim Tebow’s love life is in the news. Recently the Christian athlete announced to People Magazine that his father is battling Parkinson’s disease. The diagnosis has weighed into a couple decisions Tebow has faced lately—particularly fueling a new urgency Tebow feels to get married.

“I want my kids to know my dad,” Tebow says. Considering his father’s diagnosis, he’s got to find someone sooner rather than later. “To be honest, none of us knows how much time we have left. Something could happen to any of us. But this is a reminder that we need to make time to spend together,” Tebow told People.

Tebow recently switched from playing for the NFL to trying his hand at baseball. Currently he is on a minor league team for the New York Mets. A contributing factor in his decision to play baseball was his father’s encouragement. “I wanted to make the team for him as well as for myself.”

His father’s diagnosis has also turned up the pressure he feels to find a wife. Tebow told People, “I can’t wait to have a relationship.” Furthermore, he listed a few qualities he’s looking for: “I want a girl who really enjoys life, someone who you want to be a better person for. She’s got to want kids and want to adopt. And my parents have to like her.”

Tebow’s list of qualities shouldn’t be surprising considering his very vocal stance on his own calling and goals. Recently he spoke to Megyn Kelly of Fox News about his new book, Shaken. He told Kelly, “My goal has always been to make a difference in the biggest way possible…to be able to change as many lives as possible.”

“We’ve always admired you,” Kelly concludes at the end the of the interview. Tebow is hopeful God will send him a wife, and hopefully it’s someone who shares his calling and purpose.

Recently Tebow joined us on the ChurchLeaders Podcast. You can listen to his interview here:

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