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Tullian Tchividjian Remarries After Divorce and Ministry Struggles

Tullian Tchividjian

Tullian Tchividjian, the prominent pastor whose ministry fell apart following a series of scandals, has remarried. The news became public when Tchividjian’s new wife, Stacie, praised his recent sermon at a church in Santa Rosa, California, on Facebook.

Earlier today, Tullian Tchividjianian confirmed the news in a Facebook post, adding that he regrets mistakes he has made in recent years and is attempting to pursue reconciliation and healing. The wedding might have occurred this past August, although that has not been confirmed.



Less than two years ago, Tchividjian was one of the rising stars in the evangelical church, the grandson of Billy Graham turned megachurch pastor and author. This fell apart in the summer of 2015 when Tullian Tchividjian left the pastorate of Coral Ridge Church due to an affair he claimed started after discovering his wife had been unfaithful to him.

In March of 2016, Tullian Tchividjian was fired from a non-pastoral role from Willow Creek Church in Winter Springs, Florida, when they discovered he’d failed to disclose a prior affair in 2014.

Much of Tchividjian’s pastoral appeal has centered on his raw look at topics such as grace, suffering and God’s love. Tchividjian’s recent Facebook post projects this same aura of vulnerability as he owns prior mistakes, apologizes to those he has hurt, and expresses gratitude for the group of wise and godly people who’ve been walking with him through this difficult season.

A look through the comments on his most recent Facebook statement shows a group of followers quick to encourage, support and speak to how Tchividjian’s seeming transparency has spoken to their lives.

Tchividjian’s statement is similar to previous apologies and claims of accountability; however, at both Coral Ridge and Willow Creek, Tullian Tchividjian has faced claims of a lack of transparency. Willow Creek senior pastor Kevin Labby said in a March 2016 Christianity Today article, “We felt that the position we offered him was a good way to meet an immediate need. But that all hinges on trust. We don’t require our people to be perfect in any way, but we do want them to be honest and forthright about who they are and what they’re struggling with. And we felt like [Tchividjian not fully sharing every detail] really compromised trust.”

It’s currently unclear if Tchividjian’s recent sermon in California or a rumored new book are signs he is heading back into a ministerial role, and if he does, how willing the evangelical community will be to embrace him. Tchividijian’s story highlights a recurring question of what healthy restoration looks like as pastors such as Mark Driscoll, Ted Haggard, Jim Bolin and others have entered back into pastoral ministry after leaving in the midst of scandal.

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