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Behind the Scenes With Timothy Reckart: Director of THE STAR

Reckart goes on to explain: “In that sense, God chose to use our anatomy to touch creation–to build gardens and to carve wood. And that really elevated the responsibility that we have toward the environment. God chooses to shape this environment, shape this world he’s created using our hands. It was kind of a new insight for me.”

Following Your Star (or Passion)

Although THE STAR is Timothy Reckart’s first studio movie, making the movie helped him gain a new confidence in being a person of faith in Hollywood. “I guess I found a new confidence in just being myself,” says Reckart, “and not trying to hide I suppose the fact that I’m a person of faith because there are so many people up there who are also part of that world too.”

We asked: The church often will bemoan Hollywood or complain about the content coming out of Hollywood, which has changed a lot in the last few years with Christian films and Christian directors and producers. What encouragement or challenge would you give to church leaders about how to make a difference in the wider culture?

Reckart gives a strong challenge and encouragement to church leaders about impacting the wider culture through filmmaking. “I do have some strong opinions about this,” he says. “I think that there’s totally a tendency for Christians to feel like the film industry is a real cesspool of vice and if you have a kid who’s interested in film, try to find anything else that they can be interested in because you don’t want to encourage them to enter that world. And I think that is exactly the wrong approach.”

If we’re ever to be part of changing the culture, the arts, and media, Reckart says we must put good people in the industry. “I would encourage church leaders and parents who are trying to raise their kids with religious faith to actually encourage their children who have artistic passion…If we are sending our people away into other industries then it’s no wonder we’ve completely surrendered this industry to whoever else wants to fill that vacuum.”

Reckart was fortunate to have parents who encouraged him to pursue his God-given passions and to shine brightly in those endeavors. “I think I was very lucky that my parents were very supportive of me growing up when I had filmmaking as really my main hobby. And I did hear things about the people in Hollywood weren’t such great people but my parents continued to encourage me despite those rumors. And the truth is if you don’t want to be in that part of Hollywood, there are many other parts of Hollywood you can be in and still be professionally successful without having to compromise anything.”

As we encourage families to go to THE STAR–the star that guided wise men to baby Jesus, perhaps THE STAR can guide church leaders and parents to see the mission field that lays in filmmaking for today and the next generation.

Reckart closes with this challenge: “So I think, hey, church leaders, why not do summer camps built around all the kids at summer camp making a movie? That’s something I did; I went to a Catholic boys camp and the activity every summer was making movies. And that was a big part of fostering this interest. And I’m not the only one who ended up going professionally into the film industry. We should be actively encouraging Christian filmmakers.”

Opening in theaters November 17, 2017, THE STAR boasts a cast of big-name stars: Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Christopher Plummer, Kristin Chenowith, Gina Rodriguez, Kelly Clarkson, and more!

THE STAR was produced with AFFIRM Films, who have released numerous faith-based films including Facing the Giants, Soul Surfer, When the Game Stands Tall, War Room, Risen, Miracles From Heaven, Heaven Is for Real, and All Saints.