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What to Say on Sunday: How to Address the Most Recent School Shooting

He said the news rattled him to the core and he spent many days after the shooting talking to and prayed with teenagers who had been impacted.  As a result he resigned from his Denver area church and started Dare 2 Share, a ministry mobilizing teenagers to reach teenagers with the hope of Jesus.

He recommends pastors encourage their church members to support local schools.

“It is time for churches to stop demonizing public schools and start reaching out to them. Let’s provide adults to support teachers, to help them grade papers, read with children and be available to serve. It may not prevent school shootings, but the more adults there are in a school, the better the chance that kids can be protected or taken to a safe place in an emergency situation.”

The church has been described as a field hospital after battle.  America feels like a battleground after Wednesday’s carnage at a South Florida school.  It’s in times like these that the church can fulfill its divine mission stated in Galatians 6:10, “As we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.”

How to Help Kids in the Light of the News of More School Shootings

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