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Top 50 Quotes From the #GLS18

Danny Meyer

“The road to success is paved with mistakes well handled.”

5 As of mistake-making:
Be Aware you’ve made the mistake
Acknowledge the mistake to those involved
Apologize to the person harmed
Act to reconcile
Apply additional generosity

Danielle Strickland

“How we use our power is the measure of our leadership.”

“Great leaders use power to empower other people. If power is a tool, how are you using yours?”

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John Maxwell

“All leaders see more than others see and see it before others see.”

“If you’re still excited about what you did five years ago, you aren’t growing.”

Rasmus Ankersen

“Treat success with the same skepticism as failure.”

“People need to understand they haven’t reached the top of the mountain, and there is still so much more to accomplish.”