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Top 50 Quotes From the #GLS18

David Livermore

“The #1 characteristic of the culturally intellectual leader is their curiosity.”

Sheila Heen

“Your job as a leader is to have these difficult conversations. How you handle these conversations day in and day out defines your leadership.”

“At least in North America, we’re really not supposed to bring our feelings to work.”

“Leadership is about showing someone a better future that we will co-create together.”

Erwin McManus 

“We are desperately afraid that there is greatness inside of us that we will never be able to access.”

“How many of us are saving our best for the next life when all we have is this life?”

“I’m amazed how many people need permission to get started, but nobody needs permission to quit.”

“Your freedom is on the other side of your fears.”

“I know too many people who say they have faith but are absolutely paralyzed by fear.”

“If Jesus communicates anything to us, it’s that pain is not the end of the story.”

“People want to define you by your worst moments. God does not define you by your worst moments, He defines you by His best moments.”

“I think we have to stop pretending that life is easy and somehow faith makes it easier.”

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