After Unspeakable Loss of Their Young Son, This Family Doesn’t Stop Speaking About the Glory of God

In the video and all communication, the Zerby family is quick to thank everyone for their support but it seems most of all that they want all of us to hear about Jesus. In the video message, Jimmy Zerby says:

Our sweet boy woke up so excited on Monday to serve with our church in the parade, inviting people to hear the Good News. And we find unrelenting hope in the fact that while we were fighting to save our baby boy from this horrendous accident, he was bathed in the glory of God as he met his Savior and creator face to face.

He was bathed in the glory of God as he met his Savior and creator face to face!

Jimmy affirms that Brycen “was a baptized believer of the one true King and we stand firm on the promise that we will see our sweet Brycen Boy again.”

To the entire community who was present at the time of the accident, Jimmy says:

For those in the community that were present at the accident, we know you share in the horror and the pain of the events from Monday morning. We all saw and heard things that cannot be unseen, and we want to acknowledge the hurt that this entire community is working to overcome.

Through choked emotion, the grief-stricken father challenges all of us to live with purpose and kindness. He says:

Brycen would not want his departure of our world to represent so much pain. So in memory of his character please serve each other with unselfish hearts, be generous beyond reason, play as hard as you can, hold the door open at every opportunity, and seek Jesus with the faith of a child. God Bless.

Our prayers are with the Zerby family and we’re thankful for the grace and peace that God has poured out on them during this time of loss.

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Christine Yount Jones
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