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Louie Giglio: How to Know if You’ve Given the Enemy a Seat at Your Table

“Everyone’s against you.” This can be anyone from your coworkers to your family members to your fellow church-goers. When we listen to this lie, in particular, it makes us walk through life with clenched fists. Giglio explains we shift into an uber-defensive posture in life and we start thinking things that aren’t true about people. We start projecting onto people the rejection that we think we’re getting from people.

So the question arises: What if you really are under attack? Giglio addresses this by implying it’s true you can’t control who or what prowls around the table. However, as you sit there, in the presence of your enemies, you have the authority to “invite to the table and away from the table” anybody you want. “You’ve got the power in the name of Jesus to say to the enemy, ‘You do not have a seat at my table.’”

Some people need to recognize the authority they have in Christ Jesus to tell the enemy to take a hike, Giglio says.

A second question arises: If God is so powerful, why does the table even have to be in the presence of the enemies? Giglio believes this is because God wants to prove that he is bigger than your enemies. In the middle of the battle, God wants to show your enemies he is in control.

“Your countenance in the presence of your enemies is your greatest testimony to the greatness of the Shepherd who leads you,” Giglio says. Others will look at you in the presence of your enemies and wonder how you are still worshipping God.

You can watch Giglio’s full sermon below:

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