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John Piper on Josh Harris’ Apostasy: What About Eternal Security?

“The remaining corruption in every human being’s soul is enough to make money more precious than God at age 74 and 67 years in the faith,” Piper warns. “Sin is that powerful. If you leave God out of the picture…if God doesn’t keep me, if he takes his hand off of me this afternoon, I will commit apostasy. It depends on him, not on me.”

The commands to persevere can be found in Scriptures such as Philippians 2:12, which instruct us to “continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Practically speaking, Piper takes this instruction to mean that we must keep our Bibles open, get on our knees, “cry out for keeping,” and immerse ourselves in God’s word. Immersing ourselves in God’s word means hearing it every day—not just on the front end of your journey with God. 

Piper concludes his talk by saying the evidence that God is keeping you lies in the answer to this question: “Are you pressing on?” 

You can hear the entirety of John Piper’s comments on Josh Harris‘ deconversion starting at the 8:30-minute mark of this video:

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