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Tony Evans: My Father Built a Strong Foundation for Us

Priscilla Shirer, one of Arthur’s granddaughters, also shared a tribute to the patriarch, referring to him by his familial nickname, “Two Daddy.”

The Evans family has been going through a trying time these last couple of years. Dr. Evans’ niece, Wynter Evans Pitts, died suddenly in her sleep in the summer of 2018 at age 38. Pitts was the founder of the ministry For Girls Like You and the mother of actress Alena Pitts, who played Danielle Jordan in the movie War Room. And only six months before Wynter’s death, Dr. Evans lost his brother. Adding to these tragedies, Evans lost his sister, Beverly Johnson, unexpectedly in January of this year. 

Currently, the Evans family is praying for a miracle for Evan’s wife, Lois, who is battling gallbladder cancer for a second time. In October, Evans announced that the traditional methods of chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer are no longer working in Lois’ case. 

Through all these loses and trials, the Evans family remains steadfast in their faith. “We know God is still on the throne, and our faith is in Him and His Word, and His love for us has not wavered in the least,” Evans wrote in October when asking for prayer for Lois. 

A funeral service for Arthur Evans is scheduled for tomorrow, December 3, 2019 at Transformation Church in Baltimore, Maryland. 

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