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Dr. Tony Evans: Here Is How to Live Well So You Can Die Well

“Don’t,” he warned, “end your life wondering why you lived.” 

Thirdly, Paul said that he had kept the faith. He did not let trials and suffering deter him from following Jesus. The night before Lois Evans died, a friend came over and sang worship songs to her while Lois worshiped from her bed, despite being unable to speak. “Things got closed out with Jesus,” said Dr. Evans. “[Lois] never gave up on the faith. Never walked away from God.”

“I don’t care how bad things get,” he told his church members. “You don’t walk out on Jesus. You keep the faith. You stay with the Lord.”

Dr. Tony Evans closed his sermon by calling anyone present who was not a follower of Christ to repent and believe the gospel. “If you are a Christian, the only hell you’ll ever have is the hell you get here,” he said. “But if you aren’t a Christian, the only heaven you’ll ever have is the little bit of heaven you get here.”

If you’re unsure of your eternal destiny, said Dr. Evans, “get that cleared up” and follow Jesus, who has taken away the sting of death.

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