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A Year After He Was Fired, MacDonald Launches New Ministry

The “controversy” section of the HcN site concludes with this statement about arbitration:

We began down the road of trusting God to be our defense (Psalm 37:5-6) through the bylaw-prescribed method of Christian arbitration, and we will not change paths now nor violate the rules of arbitration by speaking uncharitably about the actions of others. Truth will come to light in God’s time as we continue entrusting ourselves to Him who judges justly (1 Peter 2:23).

James MacDonald’s Books Available for Purchase

The new website also includes a store where some of MacDonald’s books that LifeWay and Moody Publishers removed from shelves or stopped printing after he was fired from HBC can be purchased.

Additionally, the website has a library of MacDonald’s sermons that were recorded at HBC while MacDonald was leading it. MacDonald and HBC have also been in arbitration over who owns Walk in the Word, which is where all of the former pastor’s material was stored before the church attempted to break ties with him. Roys says she reached out to both parties for comment on whether they had reached a settlement on the rights, but neither had responded.

James MacDonald founded Harvest Bible Chapel in 1988 and served as its Senior Pastor for over 30 years. The Chicago-based church started out with 18 members that met in a high school and grew to over 13,000 members and seven campuses. It was included in Outreach Magazine’s Fastest Growing Churches in America in 2015.