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300 Exposed to Virus Via Prayer Gathering, One Pastor Dies

After speaking to my private physician this morning–who has been in contact with the laboratory that holds our results–we received greater clarity on our results. We had indeed tested positive for [Covid-19]. However, we are not showing symptoms and are in good health.

As per the regulations surrounding the virus, anyone that has been in contact with us needs to isolate themselves and if they start to display symptoms, they would need to get tested for coronavirus. We apologise for the confusion and will pray for the good health of all those who have been in contact with us.

The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast 

The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast movement was started by a member of the Israeli Knesset (parliament), Robert Ilatov. The mission of JPB is to mobilize Christians around the world to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This is the first year the event was held in South Africa, and JPB director Albert Veksler called it a “triumph” when speaking to Gateway News on March 12th. Pastor Yao has attended JPB events in Israel in the past and was the one who invited the group to come to his church in South Africa.

At the time of the March 12th interview, Veksler vocalized the fact that the event had gone off as planned, even when different governments were restricting air travel. Ilatov was scheduled to attend the event, but was prevented by the travel restrictions put in place by the Israeli government. Veksler’s daughter, singer Birgitta Veksler, also did not make the event. “But the fact that we gathered in spite of the [virus] distraction is already a great victory,” he said.

Veksler has not made another comment after the reported cases of COVID-19 associated with the JPB have been made public.

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