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Joy FM Raises $140k in Support of Struggling Christian Bands

“Right now, we broke up in the TobyMac camp,” he said. He did apply for money through the government, so he has enough to pay the band through the next two months, but he is not sure what will happen after that. “It’s still, it’s taxing,” said TobyMac. “It’s making my managers and me sweat a little bit…We’re grateful for any help we can get.”

When 99.1 Joy FM asked Mandisa what this season has been like for her, she said, “There have been some times, if I can be completely honest, when I have battled with depression and I have felt myself kind of going dark. I speak openly about that, that’s something that I battle with. But I also recognize he’s like a stream in the desert. He knows, he knows how to provide. He knows how to lift up our burdens. He knows how to bring light in darkness.”

Because God has been accomplishing healing in her life in unique ways as a result of the pandemic, Mandisa said, “I’m actually really thankful for this season.” But she is also concerned about her finances. The singer was touring with Newsboys when their concerts got canceled. While their tour has been rescheduled for August, she has no way of knowing what will actually happen.

“I have a lot of my band on salary, so I keep paying them even without money coming in,” said Mandisa. “It’s a struggle if I’m being honest.” She is not concerned about herself for the time being because she has funds from selling a house, but she is worried about her ability to continue paying her staff. “Because I still want to pay my people, it’s something that I really had to submit to the Lord and ask him to provide. And so, that’s why I really, really appreciate you doing this.” 

The singer added, “There is something on your city and the surrounding areas, and there’s something on your station. Every single time that I have gone there, it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. And I’m not just saying that!”