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John Onwuchekwa: This Is Why We Are Leaving the SBC

Onwuchekwa’s third reason was the only one that did not deal with race directly: the SBC is too closely aligned with the Republican party. “Although the SBC represents a diverse array of churches across the political spectrum,” he said, “the denomination conducts itself in a manner that is extremely partisan.” The pastor specifically mentioned the opposition Dr. Russell Moore, president of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, faced for his criticisms of President Trump. Onwuchekwa also mentioned Al Mohler’s recent endorsement of Trump and the fact that Vice President Mike Pence gave an address at the SBC’s annual convention in 2018. “Everyone in the world looks and associates the SBC with the Republican Party,” said Onwuchekwa. “The minorities among you believe it to be true.”

As he concluded his post, Onwuchekwa asked his readers which of the following people would feel more comfortable in the SBC: “A closet racist or a black man who openly cares about seeing racism attacked with the full force of the gospel?”

“I really pose this rhetorical question for you to consider,” he said. “I know my answer and that’s why I’m leaving.” The pastor added, “I LOVE MANY PEOPLE IN THE SBC. I do not leave my brothers and sisters. I leave a former denomination that never really felt like a home.”

Fallout from John Onwuchekwa’s Post

Many people have expressed their support and appreciation for Onwuchekwa’s words, but as might be expected, his announcement has generated some pushback. 

Religion News Service reports another point of tension. While Cornerstone has no written obligation to repay the money it received from NAMB, there seems to be an expectation the church should do so now that it has left the SBC.