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‘Shame on You’ Todd White Says to Critics in Sermon Addressing His Repentance

“We should be very careful about the things that we say about people,” White said. He insisted he doesn’t feel bad about himself. White mentioned people have been making crazy comments about him, such as “He didn’t repent; he didn’t cut his hair.” In response, White says, “shame on you.” 

What Did Todd White Preach About?

White preached on Exodus chapters 20 and 32. Applying the passages, which describes Moses retrieving the Ten Commandments and the law while the people make a golden calf, to our present culture, White used it to point out that even those who claim to follow God can go astray.

“We are in a day of mercy right now,” White said. Speaking with conviction, White said one day we’re going to stand before the judgment seat of God and we’re going to answer for all the things we did while in this state of mercy. “If sin doesn’t make you sick, something’s wrong with you.” White named certain behaviors as being sinful or “carnal,” such as having sex outside of marriage or watching explicit content on television: “If you’re content to do things like sit in front of the TV and love what you’re seeing, you love the world more than you love God.” 

“Jesus talked about hell more than anyone else,” White said before launching into his points on Exodus. White explained several ways the Israelites went astray after their escape from Egypt and during their time in the desert. After all they had seen God do to rescue them, they still doubted him and had the audacity to fashion an idol while Moses occupied with receiving the law. Exodus 20 starts with the Israelites telling Moses they don’t want to draw near to Mount Sinai because of the thunder and lightning. They were afraid, White explains, of getting close to God. But Moses wasn’t afraid, and that is why he was able to receive all that he did from God. White used this fact to emphasize the importance intimacy with God holds in a believer’s life.

He also used the passages to bring home the point that those who wish to follow God can’t do it in their own strength and power. There is no way to follow the law of God without the Holy Spirit, White says. Even then, we fall short. This is why we constantly need to be asking God to search us and remove anything from us that is unclean or wrong. White emphasized he asks God every day to search his heart. 

Does Todd White Still Believe in Miracles?

“I love holiness. I love purity. I love power. Not my power, God’s power,” White said. Some people will think now that he’s “repented,” he won’t believe in miracles. But White said the only reason some people don’t believe in miracles is because they don’t believe the Bible. Addressing the question that inevitably comes up with healing ministries, White said that even if he prays for healing and the healing doesn’t happen, it doesn’t change the fact that he is obeying God. “If you’re not willing to be a fool for Christ, you’re not Christ’s at all,” White said. Not believing in miracles, White says, is akin to believing half the gospel. 

White also mentioned some of the authors he’s been reading recently, namely Ray Comfort, Charles Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, Dr. Michael Brown (from the Brownsville revival, he explains). White said he has read these authors from the time he was saved, thus contradicting the belief that some have circulated after White’s last sermon, which speculated that he started reading these authors recently and was thus convicted to preach the whole gospel. (White also mentioned Brown would be coming to Lifestyle Christianity in a couple weeks to preach.)

Many Are Praying for Todd White

Many in the evangelical world are praying for White right now, which he says he welcomes. Costi Hinn, who appeared in the American Gospel documentary and who is Benny Hinn’s nephew, took to Twitter to express his support for the seeming transformation White is undergoing.

Indeed, the director of American Gospel also reached out to White via Twitter to say that he did reach out to him in 2017 when the documentary was being made. 

While many are happy to hear of White’s shift in message, some are hesitant to believe that White is, in fact, repenting of his role in the propitiation of the prosperity gospel. 

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