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Max Lucado Repents of Ancestors’ Sin at PraySA

Pastor Williams closed the event by telling everyone we have more work to do. “I want you to hear me clearly! Never in my life have I ever seen a white person say to me, or even to my brown brothers and sisters say to them, that ‘I’m sorry,’” As Williams paused trying to hold back tears he continued, “‘that I’m sorry that happened to your people, and our ancestors were wrong.’…Never in my life, have I ever heard somebody say, ‘this is what we used to say around the dinner table, and I was wrong for that.’

White brothers and sisters, we have to release you from sins that you did not commit.

“No longer will the fathers bite on sour grapes,” Williams Biblically proclaimed, alluding to  Jeremiah 31:29, “and their children’s teeth be set on edge.” What does that mean he rhetorically asked then explained quoting Ezekiel 18:17, ‘no longer will you suffer the sins of your father.’ Listen to me white brothers and sisters, we have to release you from sins that you did not commit.” Williams shouted, “I know that’s unpopular!” He quoted 1 John 4:20, “If you don’t forgive your brother, who you do see, how can you say you love me, who you don’t?” God cannot forgive you, if you don’t forgive them, Pastor Williams stated.

Emphatically he said, “I’m not letting slavery send me to hell! No longer will I walk around being angry and bitter at white people that I don’t even know! I feel like I have a right as a Black man to be angry. This doesn’t mean we’re not fighting for injustice….God said in your soul, you gotta release them, because we are in bondage when you walk in anger!” Car horns filled the parking lot again as they did for Max Lucado’s prayer. Williams finished by saying, “We are the body of Christ…diverse and colorful….we are one…united by one Father into one family! His family! Amen!”

According to air1.com a similar event will be held on August 16, at 7 pm.

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