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Kanye and Joel Osteen Walk on Water at ‘Sunday Service’

Kanye’s Sunday Service

On Sunday January 6, 2019, the first ‘Sunday Service’ took place in the form of rehearsals. In April of 2019, the first public ‘Sunday Service’ took place on Easter at Coachella, a secular music festival that takes place in Riverside, California. Kanye’s cousin, Tony Williams, has said that the “goal is to be able to communicate the message of love effectively…that is what we hope you take from this.” Adam Tyson, Rich Wilkerson Jr., Joel Osteen, and others have joined Kanye at the ‘Sunday Service’ to deliver messages of hope and preach the gospel.

Places like Dayton, Ohio, after a mass shooting and the NFL’s Super Bowl are just a few of the locations the unannounced services have happened. Recently during an interview with Nick Cannon, Kanye revealed that he has spent $50 million in 2019 to put on ‘Sunday Service’.

Cannon commented, “All out of your pocket to spread the gospel?” to which Kanye replied, “Yes.” His Yeezy shoes sell themselves, “so instead of paying for ads, I invested it in the church. I invested it in spreading the gospel. I invested it in saying Jesus ‘name on high.”