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CA Church Drops Lawsuit: ‘The Battle Is the Lord’s’

The pastor said that when NVBC decided to move its service outdoors, the county dropped its lawsuit and the church in turn dropped its lawsuit. Trieber said that he had to face the thought that he was a coward for making this decision, but he stressed that he was confident he was following God’s will. 

Trieber also expressed his deep gratitude toward politicians and national leaders who have offered to help NVBC fight its legal battle against the county. He said at one point he was told that President Trump was going to try to give him a call, and other nationally-known leaders have reached out, offering their support and influence. Trieber expressed his thankfulness toward the president and these other leaders, saying, “I’m grateful for what they have been willing to do and have tried to do.” The pastor added that with such connections, he thinks it would have been “very easy” to fight the county and that those involved had been planning to send an email blast to the county that week. 

Nevertheless, said Trieber, “I am convinced the battle is not the emails, the battle is not the radio, the battle is not for the present, the battle is the Lord’s!…We are going to continue to fight this battle in prayer.”