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Church Restrictions Eased After Hillsong Pastor Cries Foul


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Well said @lauratoggs Churches can be trusted to abide by the rules, as we have done every step of the way.

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But the restrictions did ease, at least a little, and it seems that Houston is partly responsible for that development. In addition to Hazzard, NSW Jobs Minister Stuart Ayres said that he had seen the pastor’s comments on Twitter. 

These changes come as NSW records two new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and eight new cases transmitted from international travelers. NSW Health posted the following COVID-19 data Tuesday, the most current info on the state as of this writing. 

Wednesday, the Australian Government Department of Health posted the following information on the country’s COVID-19 cases.

Australia reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic by imposing some tough restrictions, particularly in the state of Victoria, which has seen 75 percent of the country’s coronavirus cases and 90 percent of the country’s fatalities. As with other nations around the world, these restrictions have proved controversial and have negatively impacted the economy