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Biden Win Accepted by Franklin Graham, Al Mohler

Trump and Biden React to the Electoral College’s Decision

Even though President Trump has so far unsuccessfully attempted to overturn the election, he continues to allege voter fraud and refuses to concede, despite yesterday’s decision.

Notably, electors awarded 306 votes to Biden and 232 to Trump, which were the exact same numbers that gave Trump the victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. At the time, Trump called this 74-vote margin a “landslide.” CBS News has noted that the final electoral vote count of 2016 was 304 to 227 “when two ‘faithless electors’ didn’t vote for Mr. Trump and five defected from Clinton.” Nevertheless, 306 and 232 were the numbers Trump was referring to when he claimed a “landslide” victory since the Electoral College had not yet voted when he posted the following tweet:

Despite losing by this exact same margin, the president still claimed a landslide victory this election cycle in a tweet posted today.

Now that the votes have been cast, the Electoral College will send them to Congress, and members of Congress will officially count them on Jan. 6, 2021. Vice President Mike Pence will announce the results. You can learn more about the Electoral College process here.

In a statement he made in response to the Electoral College’s decision, president-elect Joe Biden noted the parallel between the electoral votes from this year and those from 2016. “At that time, President Trump called his Electoral College tally a landslide,” he said. “By his own standards, these numbers represented a clear victory then. And I respectfully suggest they do so now.”