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DC Talk’s Kevin Max Says He’s Been Deconstructing His Faith for Decades

Max said “totalitarian fear” that resides in many evangelical churches “has made people regress over time.”  He encouraged those deconstructionists listening to the interview to embrace what they’re going through.

“If they’re a believer, they should have these deep conversations with the God they believe in…really struggle with it, talk to Him about it,” he said. “I believe in the God of the universe and I believe he can hear me. That in itself is just plain kind of crazy, but if I believe that then I truly believe that he cares about my progression and asking questions.”

Paul Maxwell and Abraham Piper Are Deconstructing as Well

Former Desiring God contributor and Christian author Paul Maxwell released a video in April 2021 sharing that he is “not a Christian anymore.” Maxwell told his Instagram followers that he “can’t wait to discover what kind of connection I can have with all of you beautiful people as I try to figure out what’s next. I love you guys. I’m in a really good spot…I love my life for the first time…and I love myself for the first time.”

Abraham Piper is the son of well-known theologian and evangelical preacher John Piper. Abraham uses his TikTok page to post deconstructionist videos to his 1 million followers. A video called “It’s weird to make kids read the Bible” has been viewed over 866k times. Abraham stated: “You wanna know one of the silliest things about being raised devoutly evangelical? Children are expected to read the Bible.” Piper went on to compare that to ‘Game of Thrones,’ saying, “except if you don’t read it you go to hell.”

Also, I Kissed Dating Goodbye‘s author Joshua HarrisHillsong‘s worship musician Marty Sampson, and Hawk Nelson’s Jon Steingard have all recently renounced their faith as well.

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