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Skillet’s John Cooper: ‘Woke Theology’ Is Causing a ‘Civil War’ in the Church

He said because the “Hero” singer’s biblical worldview differs from those who believe the shooting reflects systemic racism, he said he’s labeled as a Christian who claims to know Jesus but doesn’t stand up for the “least of these.” “Even though,” he added, “I think there’s a pretty good argument to be made that the police officer saved the life of a girl, of a Black girl at that.”

Cooper offered a stark warning about what he called “faux unity.” “There is no such thing as unity outside of the truth…It’s make-believe, it’s pretend, it’s perception of unity without any actual truth behind it,” he said. “That’s what I try to hold in tension: Love and honesty with people, grace for the conversation, but unwilling to bend on truth.”

John Cooper Talks Live With Martha MacCallum

Appearing on Fox News’ The Story with Martha MacCallum, Cooper said, “Racism is anathema to the kingdom of God.” In reference to CRT, he said, “These [efforts] do not bring people together. They do not bring healing. They do not make people feel good. They are intentionally divisive because they break people up into warring tribes.”

“It’s anti-American, but more importantly, it’s anti-gospel of Jesus Christ and it is seeping into the church.”

Many religions use the same words that have different meanings. For example, Cooper said, words like salvation, sin, and redemption are used within multiple religions. But within the framework of individual religions, those words have different meanings. Social justice and anti-racism are actually religions, Cooper asserted. “Church leaders are going to that false religion and taking its definitions and porting it into the gospel [into Christianity], and now it twists the words of Jesus.”

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