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David Platt and McLean Bible Church Elders Sued After Recent Elder Vote Exposes Major Problems

Former MBC elder Mark Gottlieb wrote a letter addressing members of the church saying, “Over the last several years, we’ve watched David take the church—the church we built, the church we love, the church we’ve poured our hearts and souls and lives into—and turned it into a political, stripped-down version of what it used to be. Most ministries are gone. The leaders are doing things we disagree with.”

“The unifying concern among those who knew the church is that David Platt is the wrong pastor for MBC,” Gottlieb continued. “We were historically a conservative church, and David is left of center. He’s taken our church down paths we never anticipated.”

The former elder strongly encouraged the small group fighting against Platt and the elders to “admit defeat and walk away.”

Support for David Platt

Some have used their platforms on Twitter to show support for David Platt and the MBC elders. Justin Giboney, an attorney and president of the ‘&Campaign‘, was retweeted by pastor and author Thabiti Anyabwile, saying, “Some Christians are so worried about the Marxist barbarians at the gate that they’ve completely ignored the white nationalists already in the temple. CRT fear mongering is breaking up churches. Praying for David Platt.”

Author and Christian teacher Beth Moore, who recently left the SBC, tweeted, “If Jesus were up for elder at some of these people’s churches, I am convinced they’d vote him down for being too ‘woke.’ Jesus, Jesus, help us, Jesus. We have lost our minds by the time we’re going after the David Platts. And we’ve lost touch with the Jesus of the actual Gospels.”

Pastor Dwight McKissic said in reference to Beth Moore’s tweet, “A prophetess has spoken. Hear ye her! God will always have a witness. The root of the opposition to David Platt is racism, evidenced by the opposition now referring to McClean Bible Church as “Melanin Bible Church.” Rather than celebrate diversified growth, they push back. Shameful!”