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Greg Locke Tells Church Members ‘I Will Ask You to Leave’ If They Wear a Mask Again

CNN Cancelled Locke

Locke was scheduled to appear on CNN with host Chris Cuomo Tuesday night, but after Locke posted a video on Facebook letting Cuomo know he wasn’t going to back down from what he said about masks, the network cancelled the interview “until further notice.” Locke called the cancellation “bogus,” but said he’d be ready for a future interview.

Known for his fiery rhetoric, Locke had called the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, who is Chris Cuomo’s brother, “wicked-evil” and “demon-possessed,” accusing him of killing old people in nursing homes using COVID-19 just hours before his scheduled appearance on Cuomo Prime Time.

Challenging anyone who thinks Locke’s statement about masks was simply a rant or publicity stunt, he said attendants will have banners at the church this Sunday that read: “Our campus is a mask-free church. Either kindly remove them or sit in your car.”

“If you come to our church and try to protest what I said by wearing a mask,” Locke said, “we will escort you to the door. We’re not playing. We’re a place of faith, not a place of fear!”

Locke alleged that since his sermon on Sunday, the church’s voicemail is being maxed out every 20 minutes with death threats and people saying “F- you, F- you, F- you, you wicked, low-down, sorry guy. I can’t believe you would ask people to walk out of church for wearing a mask.”

Greg Locke’s entire message, which has been viewed over 3,000 times on YouTube and Facebook, can be watched below. The segment reported on in this article starts at 1:10:34.

Locke Made Similar Comments During Easter Service

During his Easter sermon this year, Locke told the “sheep” in the congregation to “take them stupid masks off!” He also called out preachers who he says stay silent about the truth of the Bible and don’t utilize the platform God has given them.

Unvaccinated Pastor Fighting for Life Disagrees

Danny Reeves, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Corsicana, Texas, had to be admitted to the hospital after he couldn’t breathe due to COVID-19 complications. Reeves was unvaccinated. The pastor tweeted on his seventh day in the hospital, “COVID pneumonia is no joke. I inadvertently underestimated it. Pls don’t do the same. My healthy body has been ravaged.”

“Modern medicine is the creation & blessing from God. I have always trusted it. We all take meds & go to the doctor when we’re sick,” Reeves added. He posted an update on July 26, 2021, urging others to get vaccinated. “Praise be 2 God! Thanks for all who have shared this journey! A HUGE thanks to the team @ Baylor hospital! Pls go get the vaccine! Pls recognize that U can use your freedom to get vaxxed. There’s no freedom on a vent! If you’ve never been open to Jesus, it will be joy to share how Christ has changed my life! And just in case you want to know what the scene looks like…here it is!”