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Ed Litton: ‘I Had Permission, Which I Think Means It’s Not Plagiarism’

After being elected as the SBC president Litton has been called a lot of names. He said his savior tells him to “forgive,” “love,” and “pray” for those who say things about him that aren’t true.

“It’s painful. It’s painful when my family is attacked. It’s painful when people say things that are not true.”

Litton has been asked by pastors if he is pro-homosexual because of the statement used in the Romans’ sermon series, which mirrors Greear’s comment: “In the Bible, sexual sin is whispered, compared to the shout God makes about greed and judgmentalism.”

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“No,” Litton said, stating he’s not pro-homosexual. “The statement I made comes in the context of I have preached hard on particular sins throughout my ministry…and my people are used to that…[people] were justifying their sin as less impactful than somebody else’s sin.” Litton went on to say that R.C. Sproul originally made such a statement, which Litton then borrowed from Greear’s preaching. Greear was apparently referring to Sproul’s original statement. “ ‘When it comes to the issue of homosexuality, maybe I should whisper about that and shout about the lust in our hearts (our heterosexual sins) and our proclivity to throw marriages away’ — that’s the context of what I said,” Litton said, paraphrasing.

Litton was adamant his theology hasn’t changed. Then he asked for prayers that he’d live unoffended.

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