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Praise God! Seven Soldiers Spontaneously Baptized Using the Bucket of a Large Excavation Loader

And it was in the middle of this training rotation that Army chaplains from across the division innovated by creating a makeshift baptismal in the bucket of an excavation loader.

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The post has received hundreds of comments as of this writing, with people sharing blessings and encouragement, both for the soldiers who were baptized and for the chaplains who baptized them. “This brought happy tears,” said one user. “Jesus loves you. It’s the best walk for your life!”

“Our God is Awesome!!!” said another. “Praying His protection over these new believers!!”

“God bless our chaplains and other service men putting themselves in harms way,” said yet another. “It is so awesome to see our service men and women coming to Christ on the front lines and being baptized. The word of God is still being preached and is alive and well. Glory hallelujah.”

The U.S. Army Chaplain Corps reposted the story on its Facebook page as well, where people continued to give God praise for the good news. Comments included, “Amen, thank you, Jesus for all who gave their lives to Christ!” and “This is sooooo awesome! Welcome to the family of God and thank for [sic] your service!”

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