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Man Fired After Confronting Bikini-Clad Beachgoers in ‘Righteous Anger’

Critics say Dorn not only overstepped but makes Christians look bad. “Friendly Atheist” blogger Hemant Mehta claims that footage of the beach incident “is a perfect example of why so many young people want nothing to do with Christianity.” He accuses Dorn of hypocrisy, bigotry, and “really freaking creepy” behavior.

Mehta rejects the “righteous anger” defense, saying Dorn “is what happens when church leaders don’t have the courage to rein in bad wannabe-alpha-male behavior and encourage Christians to see every situation as an opportunity to evangelize instead of considering the human beings on the receiving end of the monologue.”

Proper swim attire has caused debates in youth ministry circles lately. Earlier this summer, a youth pastor publicly apologized for previously insisting that girls wear one-piece swimsuits at church-sponsored events.

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