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At D.C. Worship Event, Feucht and Trump Request Prayers for America

Speaking about societal ills, Franklin said, “There’s only one solution to the pollution problem of drugs and alcoholism and sexual abuse and immorality, and pain and depression and suffering, and hopelessness, and fear and desperation. There’s only one solution for COVID-19. After it’s all said and done, we need the Holy Spirit’s wind from elsewhere to sweep through our cities, to sweep through our homes, to sweep through and clean out the pollution of sin, the pollution of fear and worry and torment and depression and hopelessness and despair.”

After the event, Franklin tweeted: “Honored to share the gospel with thousands of worshippers at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Revival isn’t coming – it’s here! Thank you.” He tagged Feucht, who responded: “Grateful for you pastor! Love you immensely!”

Another speaker at Sunday’s event, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), also shared an Old Testament account with attendees. Like Gideon in the book of Judges, he said, Christians in America might feel as if they’re under attack. But Hawley said now is the time to be brave and stand firm: “I think the Lord is saying to us, ‘Rise up, mighty men and women of valor. Rise up for this time.’ Rise up, the Lord is on the move! And the Lord is going to release a revival over this nation, and it’s going to be released through you…when we take our stand in the strength of the Lord.”

Calling attendees’ praises the “sounds of revival,” the senator said Christians “have the best news of all.” He added, “God has dreams for America that aren’t fulfilled yet… The best is yet to come, because we serve a King who is on the throne, and his Kingdom is ever-advancing.”

Former President Trump: ‘Your Faith Is a Force’

In his recorded message to Sunday’s crowd, Trump thanked Feucht and the entire “Let Us Worship” movement for “strengthening our entire nation” and for “uniting citizens of all denominations and backgrounds to promote faith and freedom in America.” He also spoke about the 9/11 anniversary, remembering victims including FDNY Chaplain Mychal Judge. The chaplain’s faith, Trump said, reminds Americans that God is the “only one true answer to the…evil that we saw on September 11th.”

Addressing the recent U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, which he initiated while in office, Trump said, “We have suffered a great, great embarrassment…. A terrible thing has happened. Terrible decisions were made by this administration, but you are brave, you are incredible, and it will be made up.” On August 26, 13 American servicemembers and about 200 Afghans died in a suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport.

While praising Feucht and his 21-day prayer movement, Trump said, “America is a nation strengthened and sustained by God and the prayers of all his children. Your faith is a force that our enemies can never, ever extinguish. Your love of God, family, and country is more powerful than any adversaries’ hatred, or malice, or scorn.”