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Twitter Permanently Bans Greg Locke, Pro-Trump, Anti-Vax Pastor

In the video, Locke claimed he would sue Twitter and called for his fellow Christians to fight what he sees as liberal forces destroying the nation.


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“We are not going to stop,” he said.

Despite its lack of masks, Global Vision has drawn large crowds, often drawing out-of-state fans of Locke’s videos. Locke said that the church has baptized more than 1,000 people during the pandemic and he has no plans to stop in-person services.

Earlier this year, Locke told attendees at America’s Revival that his church would resist any attempts to shut down those services, saying the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms would protect their right to worship.

A natural showman on stage, Locke has backpacked for hundreds of miles to raise money to buy Bibles, spent the night in a boom lift and bicycled for hours in the cold to raise money for the homeless. One all-night session on his stationary bike ended after more than 170 turkeys were donated to the church, in time to give away during the holidays.

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In his Facebook Live, Locke said that he had been banned from Twitter for short periods in the past and he encouraged viewers to follow him on Facebook and other social media channels. Locke’s Twitter page notes the suspension and says: “Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.”

In an interview with RNS earlier this year, Locke compared himself to John the Baptist and said he was “a voice crying in the wilderness.”

I think people are hungry for the truth,” he said. “I think I say things that people think but they’re afraid of the repercussions.”

This article originally appeared at Religion News Service.