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Colorado Woman Denied Kidney Transplant For Being Unvaccinated

Colorado State Representative Advocates For Lutali

Ingram then turned her attention to Colorado State Representative Tim Geitner, suggesting that “people are smoking too much pot in Colorado.” Ingram then asked what can be done, adding that “it seems like a classic case of discrimination.” 

Geitner said, “I think you may be right. There may be too much of that,” jokingly referring to marijuana consumption in Colorado. “But I’ll tell you, I think it’s important that your audience knows that this isn’t even just about Leilani. You know, Leilani and Jaimee and I, we’ve been contacted by folks across Colorado.”

Geitner went on to share one specific story, saying, “In fact, the most tragic and probably the saddest story I’ve heard so far — I spoke to a father just twice today, we spoke the other day, he’s sent me a couple emails and such. His daughter, who’s twelve, is currently on dialysis here in Colorado. He’s received communications from UCHealth saying that she too will be denied this lifesaving surgery unless and until the COVID vaccine is taken.”

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“So it’s affecting multiple people across the state, from twelve years old on up. And that’s probably the worst story I’ve heard so far, and I suspect this isn’t the end of it,” Geitner argued. 

On Tuesday, Geitner tweeted a picture of what appears to be the letter Lutali received from UCHealth informing her that her transplant had been rejected. 

The letter stated that Lutali had been placed on an inactive list pending her COVID-19 vaccine. UCHealth informed Lutali that she had 30 days to receive the vaccine, otherwise she would be removed from the transplant list entirely.